Operating Lines of Credit

Just because you've handled one expense, it doesn't mean another one isn't just around the corner. Meet business needs — expected or otherwise — as they arise by opening an Operating Line of Credit.

Once established, funds can be withdrawn at any time without the need to reapply. Interest is only paid on the part that's used. And once you've worked down your balance, more funds become available for use.

Operating Lines of Credit
  • Competitive rates to address a wide range of seasonal or ongoing needs:
  • Boost working capital
  • Expedite inventory purchases
  • Arrange for seasonal fluctuations
  • Capitalize on trade discounts
  • Smooth out purchase/collection cycles
  • And more
  • Flexible repayment terms, customized uniquely to your business
  • Additional monetary flexibility
  • Address business needs as they arise
  • Only pay interest on the part that's used
  • Revolving credit – more funds available as balance is paid down
  • Local, Southern Illinois decision-making and processing
  • Friendly, detailed attention from start to finish; ongoing business relationship maintained thereafter