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State Bank of Whittington believes it is important that our valued customers should be informed of the policies, procedures, and security measures in place to safeguard personal and confidential information. With that in mind, the following Privacy Policy will help banking personnel and customers to understand the steps taken to protect personal information when utilizing our Internet services. 

Our goal is to protect personal information in every way that the bank's products and services interact, whether on the telephone, lobby, at one of our ATMs, or on the Internet. 

Within this Privacy Policy you will find a description of the policies and procedures that will be enforced. State Bank of Whittington includes an explanation of information handling and data collection and transmission practices, such as: 

  • What information is collected
  • How is the information collected
  • How the information is used
  • How State Bank of Whittington provides options to Users on "opting out" from the information collected
  • Whether the information collect is disclosed to third parties
  • Whether third parties collect information through our Products 

This Privacy Policy applies to all Customers and Users (collectively referred to as "Users"). In addition, this Privacy Policy applies to all Products.

To make this Internet Privacy Policy easy to read, this policy has simplified certain sentences by substituting defined terms for certain concepts. Accordingly, the capitalized terms used throughout this Internet Privacy Policy shall have the meanings assigned to such terms in "Definitions" of this Internet Privacy Policy.

Consent to Use Information

By using any Product and/or by affirmatively accepting the License Agreement or this Privacy Policy, each user consents to the collection and use of all information that the user provides to State Bank of Whittington. All information that is provided to State Bank of Whittington on behalf of that user, and all information that State Bank of Whittington collects based on that user's use of the Products, including, without limitation, all Customer Information and other Personally Identifiable Information.

Policies Regarding the Collection of Information

State Bank of Whittington may utilize the services of third party providers to assist us in providing online services, such as website hosting, Internet banking, bill payment, and aggregation services. These third party providers are referred to within this policy as "service providers". It is the Bank's goal to provide Users with quality information, products, and services. We are also committed to providing Users with responsive, personalized service, and keeping Users informed about new information, products, and services that may be of immediate interest to Users or that can help Users derive the greatest value from the Products. 

Customer Information is at the heart of the bank's ability to provide superior service to Users. This Privacy Policy describes the types of Customer Information and other Personally Identifiable Information that is collected, and the intended purpose of sharing the Customer Information and other Personally Identifiable Information with others.

A visitor who browses the State Bank of Whittington website is not required to reveal any Personally Identifiable Information, such as name, address, or telephone number, unless subscribing to a product. Nor is such information collected passively by electronic means. State Bank of Whittington's Web servers collects other information such as the type of browser software used and the Internet domain name of the location from which the visitor enters. This information helps us diagnose technical problems and manage our sites by tracking user interests. 

The primary reason that we collect and maintain Customer Information and other Personally Identifiable Information is to serve Users and administer our customer relationships. State Bank of Whittington may collect Customer Information and other Personally Identifiable Information from a variety of sources, such as the following: 

Information Collected on the Internet

Those who are just browsing through the website are not asked to give any personally identifiable information. 

As part of providing online financial products or services, the following information may be obtained about our customers and website visitors from the following sources:

  • Information we receive from on line applications, emails, or other forms;
  • Information provided when customizing our website;
  • Information about transactions with this institution and our affiliates;
  • Information received from a consumer-reporting agency; and
  • Information that is generated electronically when visiting our website; and
  • Information that is generated electronically when using the Internet banking services. 

Any information you may provide us is only used internally and in furtherance of the purpose for which it was provided. 

Service providers hosting our website and our Internet banking service may collect general information on our website visitors simply to help us provide banking and other financial services to you online. They collect the following information on our behalf for security and statistical purposes: 

  • The Internet address (referral site) which directed users to our web site;
  • The date and time the site was accessed;
  • The name and version of the web browser;
  • The Internet service provider used when accessing our site;
  • The user's Internet Protocol (IP) address; and
  • The pages visited within our website. 

The State Bank of Whittington's service providers may use cookies to collect some of the above information. They may also use cookies for security purposes within our Internet banking product. Additionally, cookies may be used for customization and personalization of the website. 

Additional information about IP addresses and cookies are provided below: 

Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses

The IP number is called an "address" because it serves the same purpose as a home address -- it is generally provided by the Internet provider and allows each machine on the Internet to be located by a numerical scheme. Web servers, the computers that "serve up" web pages, automatically identify a user's computer by its IP address. When collecting information for the use of the bank's service provider, the IP address is not associated to anything personally identifiable; however, the service providers may use IP addresses to audit the use of the site. The bank can and will use IP addresses to identify users when necessary for security purposes.


A cookie is a small text file stored by each user's browser or the local hard drive that contains information about the user's computer. Cookies help Websites recognize return visitors. When returning to a Website visited before and that Website uses cookies, the browser gives this data back to the Website's server. Cookies are an industry standard and are used by most major Websites in much the same way they are used at State Bank of Whittington. For more information about cookies go to

Browsers can be set to reject or to accept cookies. The option to reject cookies is used for just browsing the Web and cookies are accepted when the user wants to use that site's products or services. Each Product places a cookie on the hard drive of each User's computer. If a User does not accept a cookie offered by a Product, that User may not use the features of the Product.

State Bank of Whittington's Use of Cookies

Our service provider uses cookies for security purposes within our Internet banking product and to facilitate the customization and personalization of our website. For your security, our service provider does not store any personally identifiable information in cookies which are further described below. 

Internet Banking Cookies

State Bank of Whittington uses your cookie to make your experience with the Products more efficient and effective. Our Internet banking product uses encrypted cookies that do not pass to your computer's hard drive. Instead, the cookie is stored in your computer's memory, identifying only your computer while you are logged on. Only our service provider can read the information in these cookies. The Internet banking cookie facilitates the processing of multiple transactions during a session without requiring you to reenter your pass code for each individual transaction. The cookies for Internet banking simply provide another level of security for our Internet banking product. When you log off, or close your browser, the cookie is destroyed. A new cookie is used for each session. That way, no one can use the prior cookie to access your account. For additional security, the cookie expires after 10 minutes of inactivity. It must then be renewed by reentering your pass code. We do not (and cannot) use this cookie to collect or obtain new personal information about you. You must allow your browser to accept this cookie so you can use the Internet banking product. 

Website Cookies:

When registering on the bank's website and selecting the "Remember Me" checkbox, our service provider sends a cookie to the customer's local hard drive, which enables the client to customize the website and bypass the login process on each revisit. These cookies are retained on your computer until you either delete them or click on the logout link within the website. These cookies only contain a unique user identification number and do not contain or collect any personally identifiable information.

When registered users login to the website, our service provider may also send cookies called "per-session" cookies or "server-side" cookies. These cookies reside in the browser and are only used to monitor the session by a unique identification number. These cookies are used for security purposes and you must allow your browser to accept these cookies in order to use the website. These cookies are destroyed after eight hours.

External 3rd Party Links

The bank's website may include numerous links to other 3rd party sites. These links to external third parties are offered as a courtesy and a convenience to our customers. When these sites are visited, it will redirect those users to another site.

This financial institution does not control linked 3rd party sites nor is the bank acting on behalf of any third agents. The bank makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of the information contained in the linked sites, including the difference in the third-party security and privacy policies on these sites which may be different from the bank's policies.

Additionally, the customer is notified that when clicking on advertisements within the bank's website or advertisements for linked 3rd party web sites, another cookie may be received. It is not necessary to accept these cookies to visit the website. 

Information Use and Sharing

  • State Bank of Whittington does not disclose any non-public personal information about our customers, former customers, website visitors to anyone, except as permitted or required by law.
  • In order to provide online services such as: Internet banking and bill payment, the bank must disclose certain customer account information to our service providers.
  • The bank does not sell any of any personal information.
  • State Bank of Whittington does not disclose any medical information that is provided to us, unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • The bank may disclose aggregate (not personally identifiable) customer information that is collected on the bank's website to service providers, companies, and/or financial institutions that perform marketing and research services and with whom the bank has joint marketing agreements. These contracts require these service providers, companies and/or financial institutions to protect the confidentiality of personal information to the same extent that the bank does.

Email Updates

Once a User completes the Fund Xpress E-Banking registration process, the following disclosures are provided to clients to address privacy and security concerns:

"State Bank of Whittington may keep the User updated by e-mail on important news and events concerning State Bank of Whittington Product features and other information that State Bank of Whittington deems relevant. We may send you email notices for certain required disclosures if you agree to accept electronic disclosures and/or online account statements. If you have agreed to accept disclosures electronically, we may send you an email with updates to this policy and/or we may send you an email at least annually to remind you where the Privacy Policy can be viewed from our website. For more information on how to enroll for electronic disclosures, please contact us at (618) 513-6116. We may also send you emails marketing our products and services. We will always provide you an opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of email advertising promotions as required by law.

If you send us an email, please do not include any non-public personal or sensitive information, as email messages may not be secure and/or confidential. We offer secure messaging through our Internet Banking service. You should use the secure messaging service anytime you send us sensitive personal information"

Privacy of Children

The State Bank of Whittington contains the following disclosure statement for children, 

"This financial institution respects the privacy of children. We do not knowingly collect names, email addresses, or any other personally identifiable information from children. We do not knowingly market to children, nor do we allow children under 18 to open online accounts."

Privacy Updates

State Bank of Whittington reserves the right to make changes to any part of this Privacy Policy in its sole discretion at any time and without prior notice. New product releases may require changes to our Privacy Policy. The effective date of the privacy policy will be clearly displayed. If any changes are made regarding the use or disclosure of personal information, the bank will provide sufficient prior notice and the opportunity to opt-out of such disclosure if required by law. 

Any revisions made to this Privacy Policy, will be posted in the product(s) so Customers are aware of current Internet Privacy practices. To continue to stay informed about this important issue, please check this policy frequently at 


For all purposes of this Internet Privacy Policy, the terms used throughout this Privacy Policy shall have the meanings set forth below: 

"Customer Information" means any information about a Customer, its employees, contractors, suppliers, licensors, agents, distributors, and others who have any business or personal relationship with such Customer, that (I) State Bank of Whittington has an obligation to keep confidential or use for limited purposes or (ii) State Bank of Whittington has any legal obligation to keep confidential or use for limited purposes, including under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, any laws regarding invasion of privacy, or other privacy laws. "Customer Information" does not include publicly available information. 

"License Agreement" means the License Agreement, as it may be amended from time. For all purposes, all references to the License Agreement include the Internet Privacy Policy, the Copyright Guidelines, and any applicable Order Form. 

"Non-Identifying Information" means information that, taken alone, cannot be used to identify or locate a Person, including, without limitation, age or date of birth, gender, occupation, education, ZIP code with no address, interests, hobbies, types of hardware or Software used by a Person, income. "Non-Identifying Information" refers to this type of information, regardless of whether such information is collected along with, or is linked to, Personally Identifiable Information. 

"Personally Identifiable Information" means information that can be used to identify or locate a Person, including, but not limited to, e-mail address, name, street address, phone number, fax number, credit card number, Social Security number, and tax identification number. 

"Privacy Policy" means this "Privacy Policy" as it may be amended from time to time. 

The terms "we," "us," and other similar terms shall be deemed to refer to State Bank of Whittington, as appropriate.

The terms "you," "your," and other similar terms shall be deemed to refer to Customer and all individual Users, as appropriate.